About Our Guides

Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels

I have always been someone who likes to try new things. This ranges from starting a book club, to horseback riding lessons, to DIY home improvement and beyond! As an avid researcher, it becomes an information overload trying to find quality information about the things I need to be successful when trying out a new activity. Not to mention, on a budget when new equipment is necessary!

My goal is to take the things I’ve learned through trial and error and make the learning process easier for someone else looking to try something new. The guides that I am providing are based on lessons learned in my own experience, information from countless reviews and articles, and advice from those more advanced than myself in my endeavors.

If I can help one person out there avoid the mistakes that I have made or find a new passion, then I consider this a success! To quote my favorite Pixar movie, “Adventure is out there!” Now go find it!

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