The Beginner’s Guide to: Cash Back Sites

Photo by Alexander Mils from Pexels

Who doesn’t love making extra money with minimal effort? When it comes to passive income, I consider myself a major nerd! I have tried most of the survey sites, cash back apps, and programs that make you feel like maybe you could get rich doing nothing.  The truth is, you are going to make peanuts off of most of them.  I am a huge fan of passive income and side hustles but when it comes to these sites, don’t plan on quitting your 9-5 but it is still “free” money.
To save you some time and effort, I am sharing the three apps that I have found are worth using. You will not get rich from these by any means, but it is nice to cover gas or groceries every once in a while from money you made by doing nothing.

  1. GetUpside – I stand by this app! So far, it is my favorite that I have come across. You can earn by just making sure to go to a gas station that participates, but also on an ongoing basis from referrals. My whole family uses it and agrees that it is worth the 10 seconds it takes to find a gas station. 
  2. Rakuten – Anyone who is interested in earning money online has heard of this one and you can usually find some cashback if you remember to check the site before you do your online shopping.
  3. Achievement – It takes awhile to earn your $10 off of this app, but it is truly passive.  All you need to do is sync your fitness device and live your life. You get points for steps and other key metrics, and after 10,000 points, you can get $10.

Although, I only recommend products that I have used, as an Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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