The Beginner’s Guide To: Work From Home Essentials

Photo by from Pexels

Over the last year, many of us have been transitioning our home to a permanent work place. We have been trying to strike a balance between our work and living spaces and our professional but comfortable clothes. My friends and I have been sharing the hidden “life-changing” gems that have made our lives a little easier throughout this change. The list that we have come up ranges from technology to clothes, to items that help us relax! I am here to share a few of our discoveries with you and hope that our list can help make your home office a better place to work!

  1. Portable Monitor – I cannot believe that I did not know this existed. For every time you wanted to work from the couch or head to that Airbnb a day early to get away, but didn’t have your second monitor, your problem is now solved! Just charge it up, plug it into your laptop and work from wherever you want.
  2. Extra Soft Leggings – I am usually skeptical of cheap leggings. Because of how often I wear them, I am pretty picky about the quality. These are the exception! They are so buttery and soft. I wear a pair almost everyday while working. Just wear these with a sweater or longer blouse and you will have the perfect balance!
  3. Diffuser – If you love candles or smell goods, consider a diffuser! You just fill it with a few drops of essential oils and water and your office space will be filler with stress relieving scents for hours! And all without worrying about a candle burning or blowing it out whenever you leave the room.
  4. Fitness Tracker – This is not a big secret or some remarkable discovery, like the portable monitor but it has been a really important for maintaining balance while working from home. If you have a “desk job,” it is really easy to get in the zone and at the end of the day realize you haven’t really moved. Something like a Fitbit can just help to provide a reminder to get up and take a well deserved break.
  5. Eyewear – Since I have started working in an office, I have had headaches, eye strain, and dry eyes. A friend of mine told me that she had significantly less issues since using blue light glasses. I was not sold, but I was desperate. It is amazing how much they have helped! Another big plus is that when I wear them, I can get away with wearing less makeup on my Zoom calls! These are the ones that I have and love:

Although, I only recommend products that I have used, as an Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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