The Beginner’s Guide to: Start a Book Club

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

Book clubs are a great way to get your friends together. As your book club grows, you’ll get a chance to meet some other people with a common interest. I was surprised when I started bringing up that I wanted to get one started just how many people in my life were avid readers too.

The book club I started has become a way for my friends and I to stay connected even with everything going on in our lives. We get together once a month and watch a movie that our book was based on. We also have a text chain going that really helps keep us motivated with each book! To see the books that we have been reading, check out our running list here.

Here are some steps to get your book club started:

  1. Ask around and see if anyone you know is interested – As I mentioned, I was shocked just how many people I know are consistent readers! At the end of the day, I ended up “co-chairing” with another friend so that we could help each other accountable.
  2. Pick a theme – Because many of my friends have kids and work gets crazy for all of us sometimes, we decided to pick a theme that allowed people to participate even if they didn’t finish the book; Books that are also movies! You could pick books my women, historical fiction, or whatever interests the people in your group!
  3. Decide on the frequency of the meetings and the ground rules – You can meet monthly, quarterly, etc. We also have agreements on the host not needing to provide snacks or drinks so that our hosts don’t feel any pressure and we continue to get volunteers!
  4. Decide on how you and the group will communicate – We have a group text and it is pretty active between meetings! Facebook groups, email chains, or Teams are also great options. You will want it to be accessible and keep it active so everyone gets excited between meetings.
  5. Pick you first book! Luckily, having a theme will narrow down your choices. Ask your friends or the group, looks for recommendations, but ultimately make the decision based on what you think will be the best option!

Although, I only recommend products that I have used, as an Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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