The Beginner’s Guide to Linux

The Beginner’s Guide to Linux


Linux is an exclusive operating system in same way that Mac OS, Windows, Android and iOs are all operating systems. For those who are already familiar with Linux, they probably know how this system works and how to install them. For beginners, this article serves as a useful resource to elevate their knowledge and awareness about Linux. The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction

More about Linux

The thing that operating system usually does is to offer a platform for almost everything that a computer needs to function on top of. The Linux platform is composed of many different parts wherein some parts are in charge for making the hardware function while others display user interface or ensure that applications smoothly work together with the hardware. Just like other operating systems, Linux also performs all these functions.

One of the good things about Linux is that individuals can use this in a virtually risk-free manner without the need to change the current contents of your personal computer. It is therefore worth giving Linux a try, because with the defining features it has, it guarantees to work for you. Linux Pocket Guide

Installing Linux

Many individuals believed that installing an OS seems like a difficult task. In the case of Linux, individuals are given the easiest operating system installation. Most versions of Linux in fact provide the so called Live Distribution. This means that you will run the OS from DVD, CD or USB flash drive without the need to make any alterations in your flash drive.

Linux Software Installation

Installation of software in Linux functions differently from software installation in Windows. You do not really need to open the web browser and then search applications. It would be better to search for software installer on your exclusive system instead. How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know

This is not just another fancy interface for online downloading software. Linux distribution apparently hosts its very own “software repositories” which contain software properly compiled to function with it. The software is tested and given exclusively by Linux distribution. If the security patches are deemed necessary, the Linux distribution will render them to you in standard way.

Installing Linux in your Computer

If you want to get stared installing Linux in your computer, there are several methods that you can follow to carry out the installation process. These methods include the following:

  • Live CD Method

You will need to get your exclusive and live CD online and proceed to your home page distribution and look for download section. There are numerous sites that can even host the distribution downloads which is a bit faster. You can check this out or download directly from the website.

  • Live USB Method

This method requires Unetbootin for Windows. You simply need to download it then start up and manage everything from the program. Choose your distribution from a given list and also choose a drive letter corresponding to your thumb drive then press OK.

Learning all about Linux requires ample time for best results can never be obtained overnight. You can also rely on worldwide web if you are in search for more information about this particular operating system.