The Beginner’s Guide to HTML

Beginners guide to html
The ability of making beautiful and compelling web pages is actually a useful and beneficial skill to have. This allows an individual to present information that other individuals care about while capturing information of those visiting the webpage. If you do not really want to utilize website platforms in building your site you probably want to learn more about HTML.

Historically, many sites have been built with HTML, Javascript and CSS. These are widely known as the “front end technologies” which also regulate the website’s aesthetics. In current years, these known tools have witnessed drastic refresh and are now boasting some amazing features allowing individuals to do things that were impossible to do in the past years without utilizing complicated back-end technologies. The refresh is known as HTML and has now been adopted by numerous developers and companies with great enthusiasm.

More Essential Information about HTML for Beginners


Beginners who want to create a site always fear upon hearing dreaded words like HTML programming. For novices, these words seem intimidating. There is actually nothing to fear about HTML. In fact there are interesting and essential things that you need to know about HTML.

Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is set of mark-up codes or symbols inserted in file that is intended to be displayed in worldwide web browser pages. It is the markup that tells web browsers on how to display the images and words of web pages to users. Every mark up code is pertained as element, but for many individuals this is referred to as tag. Some of the elements come in pair indicating some display effects in beginning and ending. Here is a good book on amazon Web Design in easy steps, 6th Edition

Other essential things that beginners should learn about HTML are as follows:

  • Learning HTML is simple and easy.
  • You need to get some knowledge on the web in order to familiarize yourself with HTML even more.
  • There are plenty of resources when learning HTML and creating sites. There are even online tutorials available and many of these are free. The good thing is that many tutorials are geared towards beginners.
  • Now is the time to learn HTML and forget about your fears. Learning HTML the right way can benefit you in many ways.
  • Aside from structural tags of HTML, body and head, web page can actually be constructed with seven standard tags such as IMG, P, A, DIV, OL, UL AND LI. There is actually lot more things that you need to learn and memorize.
  • Learning HTML is actually the very first step in learning XTML, CSS, XML, RSS and more. If you decide to learn HTML, as a beginner, you will surely be overwhelmed by lots of abbreviations.
  • Learning from scratch actually gives you the experience and knowledge worth gaining for. When you take time to learn HTML, you will not just be able to create an excellent site. You can clean up junky-looking pages in your company or business website. It only takes patient and willingness to learn and master HTML.