The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram


The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram
Do you want to create your own personal Instagram account but don’t know how to do so and you are quite reluctant to ask your friends, then here is your ultimate guide.

Register or Sign Up

To register or set-up an account, you primarily need to download the Android or iPhone App to your mobile phone. Instagram account is basically public thru default, but users have options of creating private account. If you opt for the latter, you have the freedom to choose individuals whom you want to be connected with or those who can follow you and see your photos. You can sign up either through email or Facebook. After you have been registered, select an available username (Username can be changed afterwards under the Edit Your Profile). Afterwards, set a profile picture through importing it either from twitter, Facebook, or from your Library Photo. Profile information can also be edited as you prefer.

Account Linking
To share your videos and photos, you need to connect your new set up account to your existing account in other social networking sites. A Cog wheel can be seen at the top right of your profile. This is the Setting button, scroll down to find the share setting. This will enable you to connect to numerous platforms including Twitter, flick, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.

Find Friends
To find friend, just go to the setting and click the Find People to Follow to see Facebook friends who are already connected. Phone contacts can also be used to find friends. There are other Instagram suggestions, it’s up to you what you prefer to use. You can either manually choose people to follow or follow them all in one click.

If you prefer to view notifications on your mobile screen even if its lock, just set-up push notifications. To edit push notifications, just go to Push Notification setting which is located at the setting’s bottom list. You can adjust notifications for new contacts, new followers, direct activity, direct requests, likes, comments tagged in photos and unseen notifications reminders.

Uploading Photos
To upload photo, click the camera button (located in bottom of application, take photo or choose from your library photos. If you prefer to use an existing photo, you need to click a small thumbnail at the screen’s lower left-hand.

Adjustments (Borders, Filters, etc)
You can enhance your photo through fading, borders, contrast/ saturation and Filters. You have over 15 filter options, each with different unique border.

Sharing Photos or Videos
After transforming or enhancing the photo or the video, tap the “next”. This will bring you to “Share to” where you can choose followers whom you want to share the photo or video with, or share it “direct”. You can also write caption, add hashtags or emojis or tag people. There are also other great options for your finishing touches. Select social networks you like to share through clicking “share” button.

Comment and Like
Like and comment photos from individuals you follow. Like the photos through double tapping it or clicking like button.
Create your Instagram account now and begin exploring its entertaining community. Since this mobile app is constantly changing, with new additional features, expect more in the upcoming months and years of use.