The Beginner’s Guide to YouTube

The Beginner's Guide to YouTube
Are you new to YouTube? Well, you don’t have to sweat it just to learn how it all works. With this simple and easily understandable beginner’s guide, you’ll surely get the gist of it all. What is YouTube?
YouTube has been here for a while now and surely you’ve heard about it more than a couple of times. But perhaps you don’t have much idea of what YouTube really is all about. Fundamentally, YouTube is video-sharing site as it firs went live back in 2005.  Google then bought YouTube in 2006 and since then they have spent time, money and effort in developing it. After that, it successfully became a strong and huge platform on the Web where communities and relationships between content creators are borne.
Going back to how it works, the best would be to look back to the fundamentals and advance from there.

  1. Set Up your Youtube Account

The very first thing that you need to do, would be to set up a YouTube account just like other social networks. When you go to YouTube’s home page, you’ll see at the top right corner the “Sign In” button. Click it and from there, the steps are pretty much the same as when you create an account with any other social account.

2. Uploading Video Footages
So now, you already have an account and you’re ready to get straight to uploading videos. Uploading videos is just as easy as when you create your account. Just shot your video, edit it, save it on your computer or connect your device to the compute. You can then click the “Upload” button, mark whether your video is “Public” or “Private”. Depending on the size, it may take a few minutes so be patient.

3. Understanding Analytics
If you want to know how your video is working, there is the Analytics to help you with that. The Analytics help you in tracking down how your videos are performing and whether people have already seen it. You can access the Analytics by simply clicking the down arrow right next to the “Upload” button.

4. Understanding YouTube’s Culture
One of the most important things you need to know about YouTube, is the fact that it is a really huge platform. It is basically a community with a sheer number and content creators with diverse genre. Familiarizing yourself with all the close-knit communities within YouTube can help you in collaborating or finding good content.

5. Subscribing to YouTube Channels
Subscribing to channels is a good way of being always updated to good content. It may be a little tricky finding a good channel to subscribe with the size that YouTube is. However, the website does promote those channels that have good content. But the best way of finding good channels is to browse at those subscription feeds by others. Right now, YouTube is the second most popular search engine, albeit for videos, next to Google itself. Ever since Google bought YouTube, it became the most important medium for uploading and sharing videos on the Web.