The Beginners Guide To Facebook

Open your browser and type look downwards you will see “Sign Up”, it is and will continue to be free. Beneath it is where you need to begin. You will be asked for your mail and this could be any email, this is where your updates will be sent to. You will have to enter your mail twice, just so that your email is verified. You need a password, you have to create one and it shouldn’t be the password of your email. Fill up the registration form and click the “sign up” button colored green at the bottom.


A security check [like captcha] will load. To progress from here you have to type in the words that is in the “text inside the box” option, when this has been done, you are to click the green “sign up” button again
The page you see next will bring 3 steps; the first is “Find friends”. The quickest way to finding friends on Facebook is by using your email account. You will see 4 options, or various email accounts. You can utilize this to locate people on Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows live, or other electronic mail services. Click on the kind of email you will like to utilize in searching for your friends, once you have done so, a box will appear saying “your email”, type in your email address and hit find friends. If a screen pop up with the options “Allow or No thanks” hit the “allow”.
Now you will enter your profile info. “Fill out your Profile Information”, this is going to be in bold print. Underneath it, you will be told “This info will assist you in finding your friends that are on Facebook.” Once you have filled out this page, you can click the “Save & Continue” button in order to move on to the next page. Again and again, you are going to see the “Skip” option on page to move on if you like.
This is where you add photos to your profile. The words “Set your profile image” is goingto be the first words that you will see on this page. There will be options of “Uploading Photos” and underneath in gray font you are going to see “From your system”. This option allows you to select an image that you have kept on your computer as your profile picture. You are going to have a second option divided by a line using the word “OR” in the center. This options are “Take a photograph” using gray font, underneath it is the words “Using your webcam” this lets you take photos from your system and put it on your Facebook account through a webcam, if you have got one. Anytime the picture has been uploaded, you can now hit the “Save & Continue” button. The skip button next to “Save & Continue” will now let you proceed without uploading an image. Once you click the button or the skip option you can move on to see your profile.
Facebook apps can be anything from virtual pets, playing slot machines and creating the best farm, having the capability to turn your Facebook pals into Vamps or even fighting in zombie war battles. You could add Facebook apps to allow your friends drop you messages and to let others assist you in organize your Facebook profile. When you are bored, need some entertainment, need to pass the time, Facebook Applications comes in handy, to have access to the application menu, you should simply follow these 2 steps.
Firstly, you need to be in your homepage, if there, look at the right side and underneath your profile pictures you will see the Apps tittle. In this title, this will display a list of apps for you to select from; also you are going to see the apps your friends may be utilizing. To select applications, go to Applications Directory, This is where you will find all applications that Facebook have. Facebook have various selections to select from but if there is a particular subject that you may be searching for, you can simply find topics like entertainment, business, education, games and just for fun. The apps will have an image with stars underneath it. The stars will indicate the ratings of the apps; Mind you, the more stars that are highlighted, the better the ratings and also more people that will use the app. If you find an application that you really like, click the image, this action will take you to the applications main page. In order for you to start using the application, you will have to click on go to application and most importantly do not forget to hit the like button. The like button shows how many users make use of the app.
The 2nd way to find and keep track of your apps is this easy step. Up in the top left part of your homepage, you are going to find Account. Click on it and scroll downwards to the Privacy Settings. At the bottom of the page in privacy settings, you will see where it says Apps and Web, click it. The web and Apps menu will let you know exactly the apps you have currently; also it will show you the last time you used that app. Let’s say by some off chance, that you’re tired of utilizingthe app and that you wanted to lose it. You can go to Edit Your Settings underneath the web or Apps menu, find the app and click on it, or delete it by clicking the app and clicking the remove app button.
Do you want to track your Facebook apps? Well, it can be done. Create trackers for all of your Facebook applications. The trackers will let notify you when the traffic changes on your Facebook application. You can set the criteria also by percentage of change; these trackers should be in your homepage. In closing, remember that everyday, Facebook is developing new apps, If by some off chance, there are things that you want created, send Facebook a mail, you never can tell if they might get along with your idea. Well, since you are now familiar with the application process in Facebook, go out there and start looking for games to play, enjoy the competitive side of the games and challenge your friends.